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Programming and Coding

Programming coding and module repair

Modern vehicles are made up of a number of computers. In fact most vehicles newer then 2015 have over 20 computers or modules in them. These modules are not so different from your home computer, they all intertwine and communicate together to ensure your vehicle runs smoothly and all the systems work correctly. You have modules that control everything from the engines running conditions to window operation and the vital safety systems like your Airbags and brakes.

 As vehicles have become more modern and intricate systems have been integrated and the need to effectively diagnose and repair these modules has increased. A lot of your normal service and repair shops have been left behind in this situation, but not The Automotive Clinic ! The Automotive clinic has invested in the world class training, knowledge and tooling to be able to effectively diagnose and repair all forms of module issues. From a simple software update on your newer vehicle to in depth communication and module fault diagnosis, down to PCB level circuit board repairs, the automotive clinic has you covered. 

With our extensive range of dealer level tools The Automotive Clinic is victorias leading specialist in in depth diagnosis and module repair.

But what is programming and coding a module? 

Programming and coding are 2 separate steps. To keep it simple programming is the process of writing the software into the computer that allows it to function with the vehicle, coding is th next step of writing in the data that has the vehicles spec details in it, ie programming a new module to control a bmws headlights, then coding it to have the auto corner light function.

We offer programming, coding and module repair for most makes and models

With our extensive range of dealer level tools, The Automotive Clinic is Melbourne’s leading specialist in in depth diagnosis and module repair. We are able to program and code modules for most makes and models, including but not limited to BMW, Mercedes Benz , Peugeot, Citroen, Holden, Ford, Volkswagen, AUDI, SKODA, MAZDA, KIA, HYUNDAI, MITSUBISHI and many more.

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