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Pre Purchase Inspections

What is a pre-purchase inspection? 

A pre-purchase inspection is a detailed assessment carried out by a qualified mechanic before purchasing a second-hand vehicle. The purpose of the assessment is to minimise the risk of purchasing a vehicle that is either problematic or requires a lot of repairs that haven’t been outlined by the seller.  

What is the difference between a Roadworthy Inspection and a Pre Purchase Inspection?

A roadworthy inspection is an assessment of a vehicle’s main safety elements, the test is completed to ensure that a vehicle is in a good enough condition to be driven on Victorian roads. A roadworthy certificate is a requirement when transferring the registration of a vehicle you have just purchased or if you are looking to register a car that has been sold without registration. 

Whereas a pre-purchase inspection is a service offered at The Automotive Clinic to minimise the risk of individuals purchasing a problematic car. During a pre-purchase inspection, a qualified technician will assess the overall condition of the vehicle by completing several checks. 

What assessments are carried out during a pre-purchase inspection? 

The Automotive Clinic’s Pre-Purchase inspection includes an inspection of the following: 

  • Service and Repair History 
  • PPSR check 
  • Full Diagnostic Report Using Dealer Level Software
  • Underbody Safety Inspection 
  • Fluid levels and Lubricants 
  • Brakes, Wheels, and Tyres 
  • Steering and Suspension
  • Extended Road Test 
  • Battery, Starting, and Charging System Test 
  • Heating and Cooling System Performance Test

The Automotive Clinic offer pre purchase inspections for all makes and models

Pre Purchase Inspections Frequently Asked Questions 

If a car is being sold with a roadworthy certificate, should I still organise a pre-purchase inspection?

Yes, a roadworthy certificate only covers the safety elements of a vehicle. It doesn’t take into account the overall condition of the vehicle.

I am intreseted in buying a car however the seller won't let me organise a pre-purchase inspection, what should I do?

We don’t recommend buying a vehicle if the seller is hestiant for a mechanic to look over the car. Pre-purchase inspections are a great way to filter out dodgy sellers.

I don't have the time to book in a pre purchase inspection, do you have any suggestions of what I should be looking out for when purchasing a second hand car?

If you aren’t able to schedule a pre-purchase inspection prior to buying a vehicle we recommend the following:

  • Purchasing a car with a valid roadworthy certificate
  • Full service history from a reputable workshop and service books
  • Reciepts of any repairs the vehicle has had
  • Purchasing a make and model you can afford to maintain and repair
  • Researching reviews on the make and model you are purchasing to see if there has been any common fault or concerns other individulas have had.

The Automotive Clinic offers post purchase inspections if you are wanting to have the vehicle assessed once you have bought it.

Do you offer mobile inspections?

No, The Automotive Clinic is located in Dandenong. If you would like to book a vehicle in for a pre-purchase inspection at The Automotive Clinic you will need to organise a time with our team and the owner of the vehicle. 

I have recently purchased a second hand car, do you recommend booking it in for a service?

Yes, if you have recently purchased a second hand car we suggest carryout a minor service to ensure quality filters and lubricants are being used on the vehicle. 

Customer Testimonials

I got a post purchase inspection from Josh, the service and value is unbeatable. Ever since then this has been my go to place for any car issues and car service. Highly recommend giving them a try as they explain all details very clearly.

Nitin B

As a young female who’s been afraid to go to a mechanic because of the common cause of being over charge – I can now say PROUDLY this mechanic shop is hands down the best. Not only are they honest but extremely professional, very understanding, approachable and get the job done right!
You will not be disappointed

Carolina Figueroa

Friendly, honest and efficient. Best experience I’ve had with a mechanic!

Natasha Rallis

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