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Minor, Major and Logbook Services

Minor Services 

Maintenance is key when it comes to prolonging your vehicle’s life, that is why we recommend you have your vehicle service every 10,000km or 6 months whichever comes first. It is important to understand that engine oil has a shelf life, even if your car hasn’t been driven 10,000km within a 6 month period it still needs to be serviced.
During our minor services, we complete a number of safety and underbody checks to assess if your vehicle requires any additional maintenance. A minor service at The Automotive Clinic isn’t just an “oil change” we complete a number of assessments including a road test of the vehicle, battery test, underbody safety inspection, fault report, assessment of filters, and replacement of your vehicles oil filter and sump plug washer and inspection of brakes and tyres, etc.

Logbook Services 

An alternative to having a minor service carried out every 10,000km or 6months is to complete a logbook service in accordance with the vehicle manufacturer’s specifications. During each service interval, you will find that different items of the vehicle will be replaced to ensure the right maintenance is being carried out over the lifespan of the vehicle. Each service interval is different depending on the manufacture of the vehicle, for example, some manufacturers’ service intervals are every 6months where others are every 12months.

If you do own a vehicle less than 10 years old, we recommend following your manufactures logbook servicing intervals to avoid unexpected repairs in the future.
If you own a newer vehicle that is currently under manufacturer warranty, you are able to have your service intervals completed at The Automotive Clinic. As a licensed/qualified workshop, The Automotive Clinic is authorised to carry out logbook services while your car is under the manufactures warranty. This is because we are qualified within the trade, and we use dealer specified parts and lubricants (terms and conditions apply)

It is crucial that you choose the right mechanic to carry out your logbook service. Unfortunately, the automotive industry is still an unlicensed trade in Victoria meaning we have a lot of unqualified/backyard mechanics working on cars. If you were to have your car’s logbook service carried out by an unqualified mechanic/workshop you are likely to lose your manufactures warranty.

Major Services 

A major car service involves replacing all of the vehicle’s fluids, filters, and/or other parts replacements such as spark plugs. Some manufacturers will include the service within the logbook service interval, whereas some individuals will choose to have the service carried out if they don’t have a record of the vehicle’s service history. The Automotive Clinic offers major services for most makes and models, for more information contact our team.


Minor, Major and Logbook Service FAQ’s

Do you allow customer supplied parts?

NO! Here at The Automotive Clinic we have a strict policy of no customer supplied service or repair parts. If you have a preffered brand when it comes to oil or filters, please advice us prior to your service so we can organsie to have your prefered parts available in time for your service. 

Do I require an appointment to have my car serviced at The Automotive Clinic?

Yes, as a busy workshop all booking require an appointment, we do not offer walk in services. We recommend that you book your appointment at least one week in advance. 

If I have my car service at The Automotive Clinic will I lose my manufactures warranty?

No, The Automotive Clinic is a qualified workshop therefore we are able service your vehicle without voiding your manufactures warranty as we use manufactures specified filters and oil (terms and conditions apply).

How much does it cost to have my car service at The Automotive Clinic?

Our prices vary depending on the type of service you are after (Minor, Logbook or Major Service). If you are looking to book in a minor service our price starts at $200.00

How long does a minor service take?

We recommend allowing up to 1.5hrs for a minor service. In saying this service times will vary if additional maintence is required. 

If you are looking to book a logbook or major service, our team will advice you of duration of your booking. 

Do you own a Hybrid or an Electric Vehicle? 

Hybrid and Electric Vehicles are made up of a number of intricant mechanical and electrical components. Accredited by HEVRA, The Automotive Clinic specialise in Hybrid and Electric vehicles to be able to provide our customers with a quality service, you won’t be able to find at your typical workshop.

Maintenance and Repairs

When a car is booked in at The Automotive Clinic we complete a number of checks to assess the overall condition of the car. These assessments include a road test of the vehicle, underbody safety inspection and fault report. Once these checks have been completed, we notify our customers if any repairs are required on the vehicles. We are able to complete a number of maintenance/repairs at The Automotive Clinic, however we are selective as to what repairs we will take on as we are a busy workshop. 

No repairs or replacement of parts such as brakes, filter, spark plugs etc. will be carried out without the permission of a customer. Even if your car is being serviced by our team, you are under no obligation to have you vehicle repaired by our team at The Automotive Clinic. 


Customer Testimonials 

Such lovely service from such lovely people. From initially booking an appointment to leaving post service, Grace and Josh made sure my experience was both seamless and positive. Josh let me know of any concerns promptly and had them fixed within the hour of my minor logbook service. Both Grace and Josh were patient and ready with answers to any questions I had. I would truly recommend their services to everyone, especially if you’re after a professional, genuine and diligent mechanic!
Renee Singh

Got my Toyota GT86 serviced today!! I’m very impressed and satisfied with the professionalism and fast service provided by Josh. He explained and answered to all my queries very patiently. I recommend Josh and the Automotive Clinic to anyone looking for quality service for their vehicles. Cheers!!
Sangeeth Sabil

Had a major service done on saturday by Josh and was super impressed by how fast and efficiently he worked all whilst keeping me entertained and chatting with me, he very thoroughly checked the whole car top to bottom for any problems before changing my fluids and filters. He pointed out that my oil filter was near brand new condition so there was no point changing it and he took the cost of that off my bill. overall great experiernce I will from now on be servicing my car at the automotive clinic with Dr.Josh, also they offer very good coffee just ask Grace
Jacob Hammond

As a young female who’s been afraid to go to a mechanic because of the common cause of being over charge – I can now say PROUDLY this mechanic shop is hands down the best. Not only are they honest but extremely professional, very understanding, approachable and get the job done right!
Carolina Figueroa

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