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Hybrid and Electric Car Repairs

The Automotive Clinic Specialsies in Hybrid and Electric vehicle repairs. 

If you have invested in a Hybrid or electric vehicle don’t be convinced that the dealership is your only option for service, repairs and fault diagnostics. The Automotive Clinic is at the forefront of hybrid and electric vehicle repairs and diagnosis in Victoria, our HEVRA (Hybrid and electric vehicle repair association) accredited technician is able to service , diagnose and repair all high voltage systems in your hybrid and electric vehicle.

Why should you bring your hybrid electric vehicle to a specialist for diagnosis and repairs?

We believe its extremely important to have your hybrid/electric vehicle repaired by a specialist for a few reasons.

Firstly and most importantly there is safety, hybrid and electric vehicles run off extremely high voltage systems (sometimes upwards of 500v) if the correct, knowledge, safety equipment, tooling and methods are not used then this could prove fatal for the repairer working on the vehicle!

Secondly we always recommend having your PHEV or EV repaired by a qualified experienced EV technician because these systems that operate within your modern electric vehicle are not the same as in older diesel or gasoline engine vehicles. The same repair and diagnostic procedures cannot be used to diagnose and repair most systems in hybrid and electric vehicles. Save yourself money and the headache and have Victorias leading hybrid and electric repair shop work on your vehicle. 

As hybrid and electric vehicle technology progresses and becomes more wide spread around Australia, the need to have these vehicles modern, computer controlled and high voltage systems diagnosed and repaired safely is rising. The Automotive Clinic is staying ahead of times with these systems by investing in world class training, tooling and repair data to effectively service, repair and diagnose these systems. 

If you want your plug in hybrid, hybrid or electric vehicle serviced, repaired and diagnosed by the specialists contact The Automotive Clinic today !

Hybrid and Electric Vehicle Repairs FAQ’s

Are all workshops trained to work on Hybrid and Electric Vehicles?

No. Very few workshop are trained or specialsie in hybrid and electric vehicles. The Automotive Clinic are accredited by HEVRA (Hybrid and Electric Vehicle Repair Association) to safely maintain and repair hybrid and electric vehicles.

We do not recommend having your hybrid and electric vehicle repaired by yout typical service and repair shop as incorrect handling of the vehicle can be detremental to both the vehicle and the technician working on the car.

If I have my hybrid vehicle serviced at The Automotive Clinic, will I lose my manufactures warranty?

No, The Automotive Clinic is accredited to work on hybrid and electric vehicles whilst being a licensed workshop. Using oem lubricants and parts we are able to carryout your services and repairs, without voiding your manufactures warranty. 

Are Hybrid and Electric Vehicles safe to be worked on at home?

We do not recommend that individuals who are not qualified to work on hybrid and electric vehicles carryout any service or repairs on their vehilce. Hybrid and Electric vehicles run off extremely high voltage system and should only be worked on by a trained professional. Incorrect handling of Hybrid and Electric vehicles can be fatal to the individual working on the car and we only recommend maintanence is carried out by a trained professional.

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