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Is your DPF light on? Book it in with Melbourne DPF Specialists at The Automotive Clinic

The Automotive Clinic is Melbourne DPF Specialists. We offer a range of services to get to the root cause of your DPF problem for a first-time fix, saving you time, hassle and money. A Diesel Particulate Filter is a soot trap located in your vehicle’s exhaust. The purpose of the Diesel Particulate Filter is to catch harmful soot particles to stop them from entering the atmosphere. As these soot particles build up, the DPF will clean itself during a process known as regeneration. If your DPF becomes blocked it is due to a system fault or a mechanical issue, our industry-leading DPF assessment is the first step taken to getting your DPF working as it should be.

DPF Cleaning and Assessments

The first step to fixing your DPF problems is to book it in for our Industry Leading DPF Assessment. It is important to understand that your vehicle’s DPF is a self-cleaning filter, therefore if it is blocked it is due to a system fault or a mechanical issue which we will find in our industry-leading assessment. We will only carry out a DPF clean if it is necessary, most of the time a clean is not required as we can recover the system by fixing the underlying problem.

If you are repeatedly paying workshops to clean your DPF system, then you are wasting your money. Your vehicles’ DPF is designed to self-clean during the process of regeneration, a DPF clean is only required once the underlying problem is rectified and, in some cases, not required at all.

If the DPF is blocked then the vehicle is either unable to self-clean itself (caused by a system/conditions problem) or the DPF is able to self-clean but it can’t do it quickly enough due to excess soot entering it (this would indicate a mechanical issue upstream of the DPF).

My DPF Warning Light is on, what do I do?

If your cars DPF warning light has appeared on the dash it is an indication that the system hasn’t been able to carryout a regeneration. If the vehicle hasn’t been driven for a while or most of your drives have been short, we recommend you take the vehicle for a drive on a freeway for approximently 20 minutes to allow the DPF to regenerate (self-clean) If the light clears after a steady drive then the system has self regenerated.

If your DPF warning light doesn’t reset after a good drive, we recommend booking the vehicle in at The Automotive Clinic to complete our industry leading assessment.

Book in a DPF Assessment at The Automotive Clinic

Your vehicles DPF is a self cleaning system therefore having it cleaned by your typical workshop won’t fix your DPF issues, instead it can cause more harm.Have your DPF issues rectified by booking in a DPF assessment at The Automotive Clinic, our industry-leading DPF Assessment will identify these faults and get to the root cause of your DPF problem – for a first-time fix.

We save you time, disruption, hassle and money.

The Automotive Clinic are accredited member of The DPF Doctor Network 

The DPF doctor network is a worldwide network of accredited worshops that specialise in DPF cleaning, Assesments and getting to the underlying issue with your vehicles DPF system to provide you with the highest quality first time fix as possible. The Automotive Clinicn beame an accredited member of the  DPF doctor network in 2021, becoming the second shop in Victoria and the only shop in Melbourne to be part of the network. This gives us access to ever increasing industry leading training, knowledge and repair information that puts us ahead of the industry in repairing these complex emisiions related systems.

DPF Frequently Asked Questions 

My DPF light is on, can I take it to any workshop to have it fixed?

No we do not recommend having your DPF system “fixed” by any workshop as incorrect handling of the system can cause irrevesible damage. Instead we recommend booking your vehicle in for a DPF Assessment with our specialised team at The Automotive Clinic. 

My Mechanic said cleaning the system will reset the DPF fault light, is this correct?

No. Before you have your DPF system worked on by your mechanic, it is important to understand how the DPF system works. The DPF is designed to collect harmfull soot particles, preventing them from entering into the atmosphere. Overtime these harmful soot particules build up, this is where the DPF system self cleans during a process know as regeneration. If your DPF light has appeared, it is often due to an underlying issue causing the DPF to not complete a regeneration quick enough or not regenerate at all. If you have your vehicles DPF system cleaned you will find that the light will reapear after a short period of time (within a few days of weeks) this is because cleaning the system isn’t fixing the underlying issue. You must be careful if you decide to carryout a DPF clean as incorrect handling of the system can cause irrevesible thermal damage, keep in mind replacing the DPF will cost you thousands of dollars. 

Can I have my DPF deleted or tuned out?

DPF removal is not a fix. Yes there are companies that will remove/tune out your vehicles DPF system, however this makes your vehicle unroadworthy and you will run into some difficulty if you decide to sell the car. Not only does removal of your DPF system effect its roadworthiness it can also interfer with your insurance policy and you may not be covered if you were to have an accident. 

If my DPF light is on do I need to have the system replaced?

Replacing your DPF should be the last option as you will be out of pocket thousands of dollars. The reason your DPF ligth has presented is because the vehicle is unable complete a sucessful regeneration. It is important that this issue is addressed ASAP by a DPF specialist. Having your DPF cleaned or carryout a force regeneration can lead to internal thermal damage and you will then need to replace the system. Instead, our team at The Automotive Clinic will get to the root cause of your DPF issue by completing ur industry leading DPF assessment. 

When should I have my DPF system cleaned?

DPF cleaning is a process that we carry out in-situ using chemicals to clear excessively blocked DPF’s.

A DPF clean should only be carried out AFTER the root cause of the DPF blockage has been repaired otherwise the DPF will quickly block up again.

Having your DPF cleaned prior to addressing the underlying issue is no different to mopping a flooded kitchen without turning the tap off first, don’t waste the time and money having your DPF cleaned unless the root caused is correctly repaired. 

The Automotive Clinic are stockists of JLM fuel additives and lubricants 

Established in 2010, based in The Netherlands, JLM Lubricants is a global  brand that designs, develops and manufactures a wide range of premium  products for the automotive industry. JLM products are primarily  developed for the specialty sections of the automotive industry that base  their workshops around a premium diagnostic experience.  

JLM Lubricants have distributors in over 40 countries and rising.  The JLM team develops products that keep internal combustion engines in  peak form. Their fuel additives have a dual capacity – preventative and  problem solving; they maintain the lowest CO2 emissions possible and  reduce the need for repairs.  

The JLM range includes TUV approved Valve Saver products, DPF cleaners  with cerium and platinum and all adidtives are up to an OEM standard.  It is for these reasons that The Automotive Clinic has decided to  exclusively stock and use JLM lubricants and additives, to provide our  customers with only the highest quality premium products for their  vehicles.

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