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Auto Electrical Services 

Auto Electrical Services Dandenong

The Automotive Clinic is an auto electrical workshop located in Melbourne’s south east suburb of Dandenong. Our team of skilled technicians, specialise in fault diagnostics for all petrol, diesel, hybrid and electric cars. Our main focus is on diagnosing vehicles that either run rough, crank but won’t start or they don’t start at all. In addition, a primary service of The Automotive Clinic is fault light diagnoses, this includes but isn’t limited to engine lights, airbag lights, ABS lights, Battery Lights and DPF Warning Lights.

Passionate about this trade, our team are equipped with state-of-the-art diagnostic tools to cover all makes and models of cars, The Automotive Clinic is one of the few workshops in Melbourne that has access to dealership software including OEM wiring diagrams. Our team are invested in staying at the forefront of the industry, and continue to upskill in the trade being qualified as both light vehicle mechanics, auto electricians and hybrid and electric vehicle technicians.

Modern day vehicles are equipped with electronic modules which control different functionalities of the vehicle. A common issue we are seeing is the modules failing internally, The Automotive Clinic offers a range of Automotive Electronic repair solutions for ECUs, BCMs, Instrument Clusters and HVAC modules. These repairs are all done onsite, and are not sent off to a third-party repair centre.

In addition to fault diagnostics and electronic module repairs, like most Auto-Electricians, The Automotive Clinic offers a wide range of auto electrical accessory installation. This includes Brake Controllers (RedArc or ElecBrakes) GPS trackers (SiteComm) Spotlights, Lightbars, Minebars, Dual Battery Setups, Throttle Controllers and Anderson Plugs.

We pride ourself on providing a service to the highest standard and to do so we are associated with leading brands including RedArc, Hulk 4×4, SiteComm and ElecBrakes.

If you are looking for an Auto-Electrical Service in Dandenong that specialises in fault diagnostics, electronic repairs and takes pride in the workmanship, look no further then The Automotive Clinic.