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Automotive Air-Conditioning Services Dandenong

Automotive Airconditioning is a crucial aspect of car maintenance, especially during the hot summer months we experience in Melbourne. If you are located in South Eastern Suburbs of Melbourne such as Dandenong, Noble Park, Keysborough, Springvale etc. and are in need of a reliable and accredited automotive air-conditioning specialist, The Automotive Clinic has you covered.

Licensed by the Australian Refrigerant Council (ARC), The Automotive Clinic provides services to the highest quality. Our services range from Air-Conditioning Regasses, Air-Conditioning Fault Diagnostics, Air-Conditioning Leak Detection and Air Conditioning Repairs on vehicles that are compatible with R134a Refrigerant. 

To provide our customers with the highest quality service, our team are qualified as both mechanics and auto-electricians. This allows us to accurate diagnose, and repair complex air-conditioning faults including but not limited to air conditioning electrical faults and replacement of components including air conditioning compressors, condensers, air-conditioning hoses and blower motors. 

By choosing The Automotive Clinic for your next air conditioning service, customers can trust that they will receive a prompt, honest and reliable service. The Automotive Clinic is equipped with the latest software and technology, we are one of the few workshops in Melbourne that has access to dealership technology, including OEM wiring diagrams.

Automotive Air-Conditioning Regas/Service $250.00

In Melbourne we recommend that you have your vehicle air-conditioning service every 2 years. Regular maintenance of your cars air-conditioning system is essential to keep it running efficiently. Having your car air-conditioning serviced every 2 years helps to ensure that the refrigerant levels are optimal, the compressor and other components are functioning correctly and the system is free from leaks and other issues that could lead to a breakdown.

Automotive Air-Conditioning Fault Diagnostics 

When a vehicle is booked in for an air-conditioning service at The Automotive Clinic, we complete a number of tests including vacuum testing and pressure testing the air-conditioning system to detect major leaks, or underlying faults which may be preventing your cars air-conditioning system from functioning correctly. 

 If you booked in with us for an air-conditioning service, however we are unable to service your vehicle because there is an underlying fault. The time allocated to your booking will be assigned to diagnosing the fault.

Regular air-conditioning services are important

There are several reasons why you should have your cars air-conditioning serviced regularly:

  1. Maintains optimal performance: having your air-conditioning serviced regularly by our team at The Automotive Clinic allows us to ensure the system is operating at peak performance.
  1. Prevents Failed Components: not maintaining your cars air-conditioning system can lead to blockages which can result in failed components including condensers, compressors, blower motors etc.
  1. Saves you money long-term: Having your cars air-conditioning serviced regularly, can save you money in the long run. Reason being it prevent expensive components from needing replacement due to blockages in the system. An air-conditioning regas, is much cheaper than a replacement compressor, condenser, evaporator etc.
  1. Stay Safe: A malfunctioning air-conditioning system can be a safety hazard, especially in Melbourne hot summer weather. If your air-conditioning system fails whilst driving, it can be difficult to stay alert and focused.